New Behind The Scenes Video & Recording Update

John put together another behind the scenes video. This one is the sequel to “Frankenstein’s Monster” and features the band talking about the editing and mixing of Tom’s electric guitar parts on “Mason Jar”.

And just a quick recording update – We’re happy to report that we have initial rough mixes of nine songs done and are *this* close to being done with recording. Still no record title. You’ll know when we do…

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One Response to New Behind The Scenes Video & Recording Update

  1. Tom says:

    John – Thanks for documenting this.

    Travis – Having listened back to the rough mix you created from this evening, I can’t believe you captured ALL of our comments and notes in one sweet mix. GREAT job. If I was a teacher, I’d put a sticker on your paper. Hey, wait…everyone else in The Milkweeds is a teacher. Do you guys still use stickers and smiley faces???

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