Behind The Scenes: Frankenstein’s Solo

Ever wonder what happens at a Milkweeds recording session? Well, now you can find out in this short film by our own John Malboeuf: “Frankenstein’s Solo”.

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  1. Tom says:

    Hey Gang…Tom here. The video is really cool. That was definitely a full-band effort. I appreciate all of the input.

    I think the version that will probably make the final cut is played from 7:07 – 7:42. I felt pretty good about that one at the time. Good enough, in fact, that I dropped my pick on the chair and took the guitar off. We ended up making a few more passes, as there are lots of licks throughout – and it’s better to have too much than not enough to choose from.

    What’s funny is that (and this is very typical) when listening back at the end of the day, I started second guessing this take because there are a couple of passing notes in the middle that I didn’t think were dynamic enough. They seemed to suggest a hesitation and loss of energy for a second. The rest of the guys thought I was nuts when I said that was almost there except for the :mistake” in the middle. Travis said, “What mistake? It’s all part of the solo.”

    I suppose he’s right as I generally like solos to be a ‘song within a song’ where they have distinct parts.

    Another thing to note is that I usually would prefer to make several passes at a solo, listen back over a few days and cobble all the best parts/ideas together to compose the “best” solo attainable.

    The Milkweeds subscribe to a different philosophy – preferring spontaneous combustion. So I’m learning to embrace the notion of solo without a net, and accepting the raw, unpolished bits as much as the crafted portions.

    Thanks for listening :O)

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